Beef Carcasses

Beef Carcasses

Beef carcasses are the unprocessed bodies of cattle that have been slaughtered. The term can also refer to the dressed carcass, which is the body with the head, feet, and hide removed. Carcasses are typically hung by the hind legs and bled out. The process of removing the head, feet, and hide is called dressing.

The average live weight of a beef carcass is approximately 1,200 pounds. However, there is a wide range in weights due to differences in breeds and age. For example, Angus cattle tend to be larger than Hereford cattle. Additionally, older cattle will generally weigh more than younger cattle.

The quality of meat from a beef carcass is affected by a number of factors including breed, age, diet, and how it was processed after slaughter. For example, meat from Angus cattle is generally considered to be higher quality than meat from Hereford cattle. Additionally, younger cattle tend to have more tender meat than older cattle.

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